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Our blog serves up more than three decades' worth of web industry experience; we invite you to glean web design and online marketing tips!

Leveraging the Internet to Build Successful Businesses in 2012


As we settle into this new decade the roles between business and the internet are indelibly blurred. I recall back…

Latest in Google Algorithm Updates Favors Fresh Content – Will You Be The 35%?


On November 3rd, Google changed the way it indexes websites and delivers search results such that relevancy, or capacity for ranking, will rely more heavily on indexing date / content freshness. Affecting about 35% of Google results, this change reinforces what we’ve been promoting for years: in order to remain relevant in the ever-growing sea of online competitors, a regularly updated blog connected with at least the Twitter and Facebook social signals is essential.

How Facebook’s New Social Networking Features Will Change Digital Marketing


Facebook has been rolling out several innovations that go a long way to ensure that social media will be key…

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We are located in San Diego, California and have been making websites and successfully marketing them for more than a decade. Park Blvd. Marketing's mission is to provide high-quality web design and online marketing services that are best poised to return your investment.

Creating websites that are easy-to-use and best represent the services or products a business offers is our passion. We are also experts at driving traffic to sites organically via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or by using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) like Pay Per Click (PPC).

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